Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bed beds....

Anover fing I real love are bed beds.  Specially when moms buys a new one.  But I fink moms is getting old brain or somefing cuz she bought 2 more new beds last night, even vo we have 8 beds already.  Or maybe we are having 8 more dogs cover over for to pway???

Vese are va newest bed beds.  Vey feel wike a sheepy on one side, moms said.  I asked if we could just have a sheep come over to use some of va beds!

Moms put va new beds in va family room, but my sister can't even share at all!  She took one of vem and made a taco bed, which I real like, but ven got comfy in va taco and put her stinky feets on MY bed.  I can't seep seep in a bed wiff her touching it!!!  She are crazy and may go cuckoo on me!

Ventually I got bwave and sat on my bed while her feet were still on it..  I are smart and kept one ear pointed back at her, in case she tried to bust a move I'd be ready to ninja!

Ven moms saw everyfing and told Cals she had to share.  Haha Cals, busted!  Moms put one bed away from va taco bed and while Cals was moving around, I stole va taco.  Vat's right, poop face, Cals!!!  Who is queen B now??


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