Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hogan & Dada bike shop!

Dads like to make bicycles and ride vem.  I hope he makes me a tricycle so I can go wiff, or maybe gets a sidecar!  I read one bwog about a dog who rides everywhere wiff his daddy in a bicycle sidecar, yay! 
Sometines we work on va bikes in va house....

Sometines we work on vem in va garage.  What von heck?!?!?!  Get out of our workshop, Farrah!!  GAWD!!


In over news, my sister Cals is doing better, moms said.  She were real grumpy last night when she came home from docker and was real hungry business.  Cals said all she got was some water in va car!  Moms fed her and ven she just wanted to go seep seep.  I licked her ears cuz she real likes vat, ven she took a nap.  Vis morning she are all back to normal!  Yay!!

I need to start packing for vacation... next week I go away for 4 days!!!


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